Can We Afford Kids?

Many couples look forward to beginning a family but some even feel they can’t afford themselves! Between keeping up with personal needs, home repairs and educational needs if you are taking skill courses, you may wonder if you can afford to have children. Even a couple who already has a child may ponder at whether or not they can afford to expand their family. There are several factors to consider in answering whether or not you can afford children.

Even though you can plan ahead, a couple is usually not completely financially prepared. There really isn’t a set amount to have saved up to have a kid but you can be in control of your spending and saving. Financial stability and emotional readiness of the parents can work very well in this situation.

To get an idea of monthly costs, review what you are already paying currently and keep in mind of child-related expenses that could make your monthly spending increase. If you have debt, you’ll want to work on reducing it and paying it off to help structure finances. Make it a priority to pay off balances and even minimum payments can make a difference.

Looking into creating an emergency account and think about a savings account for your little ones. It helps to have cash aside for unexpected expenses that can provide a financial cushion. Saving for your child can help have funds on hand for school or other needed purchases without searching for a funding source. Look at your budget for ways to save and cut costs. Keep receipts to track spending, buy items on sale and cut visits to the ATM machine to bypass fees.

Couples make better decision when giving themselves time to develop emotionally and financially. You both feel you want children but at the same time there could be frustration in trying to get things balanced. Taking time to make emotional connections and planning for big moments can reduce disappointment. Understand that parenting is a demanding task that is often stressful. Many couples with an easy-going attitude are comfortable waiting until the time is right.

Overall, being able to afford children will likely have an effect on your future financial outlook. There are other things to consider including starting a retirement account for yourself (if you haven’t already), and ways to save for children if you plan for them to go to college. Discussing what you want in the future and taking necessary steps in planning can give a good idea of what to expect and how it can be accomplished.

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