MONKEETECH Files U.S. Utility Patent for Its Point-of-Sale Security Swipe System

West Babylon, NY (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

MONKEETECH LLC, a program development company located in West Babylon, NY has announced today, that it has filed for a full utility patent for its Security Swipe System. The Security Swipe System is designed to curtail credit and debit card fraud at point-of-sale checkout stations. The System incorporates SMS text technology and advanced digital camera functionality to alert cardholders of attempted use of their debit or credit card and signals an advanced digital camera to capture and time stamp clear photographic evidence of the attempted credit or debit card payment transaction at the retailer’s checkout station.

“The Security Swipe System is specifically designed to act as a deterrent to any would be perpetrator of credit or debit card fraud at point-of-sale by memorializing the entire fraudulent payment transaction, including clear photographic evidence of the would be perpetrator for use in future prosecution and future identification by in-house security”, stated Jeffrey N. Dinardo Jr. CEO of Monkeetech.

The Security Swipe System also alerts all cardholders who have previously opted-in to the System, via SMS text message, that their credit or debit card has been presented for payment at the respective participating retail establishment and requests the true cardholder to reject or confirm the payment transaction as legitimate.

“Credit and debit card fraud continues to rise at alarming rates and the Security Swipe System represents only one of the many programs developed by Monkeetech to stem the rise of fraud and identity theft” comments Kenneth Carnesi, a Director of Monkeetech.

To learn more about the unique and innovative systems being developed by Monkeetech LLC; including our patent pending iris biometric systems, please visit us at: or contact us to schedule a meeting at Finovate Spring in San Jose, Calif. on April 29-30, 2014.

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Silvertip Softwares Room Booking Tool RoomTime Now Available: New Room Booking Software Easier than Ever

Vancouver , British Columbia (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

Its newly revised RoomTime room-scheduling software is now available for facilities and facility managers, Silvertip Software ( announced today.

A cloud-based application, RoomTime allows users to quickly and easily schedule meeting rooms, classrooms, conference rooms and resources from their computer. A beta version previously was made available to a select group of organizations through an Early Adopter Program that allowed participants to test-drive the app. Based on that program, which generated substantial positive feedback, the new room and resource scheduling application has officially graduated from beta to full release.

Although its now cloud-based, RoomTime initially was launched as a desktop program in 1997, and became a web application in 2008. The room and equipment scheduling software is used by schools, universities, community centres, churches, theatres, hospitals and office-sharing facilities throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia and Great Britain.

RoomTime is equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly calendar interface, as well as flexible room set-up and configuration options. Resources such as A/V equipment, furniture and other items can be seamlessly added to room bookings and tracked. Facility managers, meanwhile, benefit from fast and timely reports on room and resource usage.

According to Silvertip CEO Harvey Tremblay, RoomTimes new, more intuitive design is a major advantage. Simplicity and elegance in software design is really important, he says. People today are used to getting information at their fingertips. There are no user manuals anymore the expectation is that it will just ‘work. The software might be doing something complicated in the background, but for the user, software needs to be easy easy to set up, easy to navigate, easy to retrieve the data you need to make informed business decisions. Although its very sophisticated, the new version of RoomTime is designed to be easy.

Customer feedback so far has been very positive. In response to user demand, the company has added new features such as the ability to access the RoomTime schedule with GoogleCal and Outlook including access from mobile devices. It also has enhanced recurring booking capabilities to suit organizations with meetings that recur on an irregular basis. Additionally, the company is working on adding an invoicing module that will streamline booking, invoicing and payment processing, further increasing facility administrators productivity.

Because RoomTime user Reece Cho of The BackDr Chiropractic in Vancouver, BC, needed a solution for scheduling the treatment rooms in her medical practice, she signed up for the RoomTime Early Adopter Program. She can now organize the schedule for all treatment rooms, track which clients are booked, and track where and when equipment is needed. RoomTime is easy to use and user friendly, she says. I have no computer training and this is really easy.

In Canberra Australia, Kippax Uniting Church has been using a desktop version of RoomTime since its debut in 1997. Erin Miller, who relies on RoomTime to manage Kippaxs room schedules, decided to give the new web version a try. The new RoomTime has some great features and is easy to use, she says. The layout is clean and the site is easy to navigate.

Schools and universities find RoomTime especially good at tracking equipment and resources used in classrooms. Similarly, office sharing spaces often get overlapping requests for equipment like projectors. RoomTime combines the room and resource scheduling into one seamless application, avoiding duplicate tracking systems and eliminating scheduling conflicts.

RoomTime may be used risk-free during a free 30-day trial period. No credit card is required. The free trial period provides full access to all of the softwares features, including those offered only to Premium users. To sign up, visit



Contact E-mail: info(at)roomtime(dot)com

Source: Silvertip Software, Inc.

Phone: 604.568.9730 / 1.877.847.1440

Address: 901-470 Granville St., Vancouver, BC

Postal Code/Zip: V6C 1V5

City/Town: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Industry: Software Development


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